Signature Members and Fellows

MWCS Signature Members and Great Lakes Fellows

To become a Signature Member, and
earn the right to sign “MWCS” after one’s
signature, a member must be in good
standing with paid membership, and have
been juried into at least four (4) of the
previous ten (10) annual exhibitions.
To become a Great Lakes Fellow, a member
must be in good standing, be a Signature
Member, and have completed at least one
3-year volunteer term on the board of the
Michigan Water Color Society.

Great Lakes Fellow Members


Edward Baranski
Diane Chencharick
Marilynn Derwenskus
Carolyn Evert
Jan Filarski
Katherine Harra
Laura Whitesides Host
Carol LaChiusa
Ann Loveland
Joyce Manke
Rocco Pisto
Marilyn Thomas
Christine Unwin
Kent Wiejczka
Denise Willing-Booher
Judith Zailo
Lori Zurvalec

Signature Members


Mark Bonnette
Beverly Booth
Jerry Bowman
Janice Brown
Kay Cassill
Frank Dulin
Janice Dumas
Sy Ellens
Cindy Evans
Daria Fileta
Robert Fionda
Patricia Flynn
Sherry Adams Foster
Alice Frank
Lora Garcelon
Cheryl Gould
Joyce Grace
Shirley Kruise Hathaway
Robert Hubbach
Jon Hunter
Michael Ingle
Diann Benoit Jameyfield
James Johnson
Susan Kwolek
Debra LaRocque
Sandy Meyer
Jennifer Robertson
Stacie Rose
Susan Semenick
Julie Strabel
Vianna Szabo
Ron Teachworth
Donna Thibodeau
Theodore Vassar
Pamela Wilburn