2021 MWCS Membership

The MWCS boasts a membership of artists with very diverse styles and subject matter as well as art lovers and supporters. Join MWCS and enjoy excellent water media art, artists, friendship, collaboration and education! We are proud to showcase our member links, which are highlighted below in color. View/download our membership form or join MWCS online here.

If you are a current member and would like a link to your website featuring your artwork, please contact our Webmaster with your information.

Current Members

*S* - Signature Member *GLF* - Great Lakes Fellow

Allen, Linda
Baker, Barbara
Boltz Phillips, Kathy
Booth, Beverly        *S*
Carper, Oral
Chafetz, Mike
Cullip, Joann

Daleiden, Julie
Davis, Lorri
Dulin, Frank        *S*
Evans, Cindy       *S*
Faerber, Janet
Filarski, Janis       *GLF*
Fionda, Robert           *S*
Flynn, Patricia              *S*
French, Amanda

Garcelon, Lora         *S*
Garland, Lynn
Gedeon, Lorraine
Gerrie-Boss Gaeyle
Giordan, David
Gladfelter, Elaine
Goff, Richard
Gomora, Linda
Grace, Joyce            *S*
Harris, Alexandra
Hartman, Mary
Hartzel, Christine
Hennessy, Eleanor
Henry, Mike
Hier, Anne
Houle, Diane
Hunnes-Nielsen, Carole
Hunter, Jon               *S*
Ingle, Michael        *S*

Jager, Susan
Jagner, Georgia
Jameyfield, Diann Benoit        *S*
Juhl, Walda
Kwolek, Susan         *S*
LaPorte. Paul
Lee, Rosemary
Lyons, Tracy

Maiale, Deborah
Manke, Joyce Anne       *GLF*
Marple, Mary
Matz, Diane
McGuire, Belinda
Mehaffey, Mark
Meyer, Sandy
Mindell, Judi
Mooney, Kathleen
Murphy, Barbara Eko
Murphy, Mary
O'Neil, Diane
Otis, Lorelle

Pisto, Rocco                 *GLF*
Pisto, Vicki
Raitt, Nancy
Roach Smith, Diane
Robertson, Jennifer            *S*
Rock, Suzanne
Starrs, Ann

Thibodeau, Donna        *S*
Thomas, Jean
Thurston, Judy
VandenHeuvel, Judy

Walker, Mariellen
Warren, Tony
Weisenburg, Barbara
Whitesides-Host, Laura        *GLF*
Whitston, Sue Ann
Willing-Booher, Denise         *GLF*
Yamasaki, Nobuko
Yates, Cynthia
Zaks Stein, Paula

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Membership in the Michigan Water Color Society is open to Michigan Residents (past or present). Dues are paid annually the first of September and provide member privileges for one calendar year.

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